Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sparkle with Margot Potter and Swarovski Crystal

If there is one thing that I could do on Tuesday, January 31, 2012,  I would spend it with the wonderful Margot Potter at the Swarovski Crystal Design Event and Challenge class. I love sparkle and Swarovski and Margot have sparkle to spare!

Image from the Swarovski
Create Your Style website
This not-to-be-missed event takes place during the biggest-gem-show-in-the-whole-world in Tucson, AZ at the lovely Westin La Paloma Resort.

This design event is gonna be fancy. Not just "Oh, isn't this nice" kind of fancy, but more like "OMG this is SWANK! Hand me another glass of champagne so I can take it all in" kind of fancy.

In this day-long class, you'll be coached by the fab Margot and make a lovely piece of jewelry. You'll be showered with beads, materials and SWAG (!) and even your meals are included in the price of admission.

The day wraps up at 5:30 PM with a champagne reception and award ceremony to announce the 3 winners from the day's event. (With MORE prizes!) This is a brand new concept in Tucson for the Swarovski team and I can't wait to hear about the hijinks and hilarity that are sure to ensue!

For enrollment info and more details hop on over to Margot's blog. She'll tell you all about it (sing it OUT, sister!)

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