Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Book Adventure Part 2

Wow. Tuesday was a big day. But you know what? The DVD for my book is going to be GREAT!!!!!

Oh my gosh. That was FUN. Everyone at Interweave made this process go so smoothly. They are such professionals and cover every detail. Right down to posting on Twitter.

Here are some shots of the action:

I used the teleprompter for my intro. It was a great security blanket as I usually wing things like this. I felt like a newscaster. I did not, however do a weather report or a traffic update, even though I wanted to.

I applied my signature MAC Russian Red lipstick. Nothing sets you up for success like a good red lipstick. Trust me. When all else fails, red lipstick to the rescue. But I digress...

Thank goodness Mary was there to keep me looking good. Not only did she make my pretty dress and apron, (and that kicky skirt she is wearing) she also kept my hair in line. (Want to see what we are up to? Click on over.)

We shot ALL DAY. I soldered and hammered and dapped and wrapped.

Who's the Diva? I need HOT TEA right NOW!!!
I just can't take it.
I told them to REMOVE all of the green M&Ms
from the bowl in my dressing room.

No, really. These M&Ms are a problem.
I can't solder ANYTHING until this is taken care of.
Then I was interviewed by my wonderful editor Erica for a promo video.

I think that was my favorite part. What a great day. A big thanks to all of the staff at Interweave Press. You all are pros and it was a joy to work with you.

But about those M&Ms... we really have to talk.


  1. Wow, you guys look great! What an awesome adventure you're having!

    I didn't realize you were blogging away - just added you to my google reader so I'll get updates hot off the press!

  2. Looks like you were having a great time! Hope you got your hot tea. Dianne

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. Cannot wait for the book and DVD! When will they be released?

    1. Thanks, Claire. The book is scheduled to release this Fall. I'll post more info on the blog when I have it.


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