Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Got You, BABE!!

Fall is about many things... baseball (Go Giants!), pumpkin spiced everything, scarves, brilliant sunsets, and falling leaves. It's one of my favorite times of the year.

You know what it's also time for? That fall classic... the BABE (Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) show in Oakland, CA. It's a shopping and class mecca.  Two days of shopping, Saturday and Sunday November 15-16 and THREE days of classes, November 14-16.

I have three classes up on the roster...

Make beautiful beads with cold connections...

Hone your soldering skills using copper, brass and sterling silver...
Twist and forge metal to make chain, components and bracelets...

Won't you join me? The host hotel The Oakland Marriot City Center is offering a great rate and there are so many great restaurants nearby. Plus you get to bead and shop and take classes all weekend! Treat yourself before the holiday rush and do something creative. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Live from Knoxville, it's JTV!

Hi everybody!
Just a quick post from the soundstage at JTV. I am in Knoxville at their annual customer appreciation days and that means classes and an appearance on-air.

If you get JTV on your cable system tune in today at 10AM Eastern 7AM Pacific or live on They also post past shows on their YouTube channel so you can check it out there.

Honestly. I love doing live tv and this time we have a studio audience in attendance. Who knows what will happen! The spontaneity is super fun and really energizing.

Sorry about the lack of photos for this post. My wifi signal is a bit weak, so behind the scene snaps will have to wait 'til a later post.

Now it's off to reapply some lipstick and grab another cuppa coffee. Lights. Camera. Action.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trunk Show, classes and the 20 things I've been doing since I last posted...

Okay. I know it's a long title. It's been a long year, so I think it's appropriate for this post. It's August in like a second and the days are seeming just a bit shorter. Do you feel like you were just making your New Year's resolutions? Yeah, me too.

So I have some things to share. Events, classes, travel...

But first here is a list of 20 things that I have been doing since March 23 and the last time I wrote a blog post:
1. Got married to the best guy in the world.
2. Worked on a ready made jewelry line that is now selling nationally.
3. Taught classes at BeadFest Texas.
4. Drove across Texas with Jessica Gaston a la Thema and Louise. (Except for the Brad Pitt part and that driving off the cliff thing.)
5. Discovered the Warrington, Round Top, Marberger Antique Shows in south Texas.
6. Worked on my wax carving skills with Bob Burkett.
7. Spent some time by the sea.
8. Had an interesting job interview.
9. Said goodbye to a family member.
10. Met the best handyman in San Francisco for hauling all kinds of crap away.
11. Went to a great concert.
12. Rocked the Dallas Gift Show.
13. Flew 30,000 miles so far.
14. Met 60 new family members.
15. Culled my shoe collection.
16. Grew out my hair.
17. Planned a vacation.
18. Bought a hydraulic press for my studio.
19. Rounded out my wine cellar (okay, it the wine rack in the closet, but still).
20. Did I mention that I got married to the best guy in the world?

Whew. So as my friend Mary says. "Well, that happened."

So now with August upon us, I have dusted out the studio, polished up my tools and am throwing open the doors on Friday evening, August 1st (4-7 PM) and Saturday, August 2 (10-3) and hosting my friend Ava Motherwell and her fantastic bead collection for a fabulous trunk show.

Aren't they luscious?
(Insert a brief story here. I met Ava back in 1992. That was twentymumblesomething years ago. I loved her beads at first sight and I know you will too. Glass beads are really my first love in the bead world, and her collection is outstanding.)

I also have sat down with my calendar and scheduled a couple of classes in the studio for the fall. You can learn how to use the hydraulic press to make all kinds of cool metal components for your jewelry and/or learn a metal manipulation technique to make bangles, cuffs and chain. Sign up at my Etsy store or in person this weekend.

 I also have some classes coming up at BeadFest Philly in a couple of weeks after I rock the New Orleans gift show. If you are around either of what-I-am-sure-are-to-be-super-fun-events stop by and say hello.

I promise not to be so silent the rest of this year. Either that or look for another long list recaping the second half of this year in December. Hope to see you this weekend.