Monday, October 1, 2012

My Footie...

got broke.

It's such a bummer. I have never in my life broken anything major except a couple of wineglasses and a vase against the wall in a Scarlet O'Hara moment.

Now I go and broke my 5th metatarsal on my right foot. You know they say that the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house and you know what... they are right. Stupid puddle of water on my stupid tile floor. But I digress.

The whole point of telling you all this is that only my beader friends can relate to what happened to me at the hospital.

So, I am sitting in the patient room in Emergency waiting for the X-ray tech to come and get me to take a pic of my throbbing foot. (Gosh that metatarsal HURT!)

Fine. They wheel me in and maneuver me onto the table. Francine the X-ray lady is super nice and chatty. She positions my foot (OW!) then snaps a pic, repositions and snaps again. Then her conversation stops. She comes over with a worried look in her eye and asks, "You ever have any surgery on that foot? Anything? Pins? Stitches?"

Now that made me nervous. I thought, "Oh geez... what can be wrong?" "Nope", I told her, "Not a thing."

She replied that something was showing up on the film that she didn't like. As I began to panic ever so slightly... she examined my foot, checked the bottom and started laughing and pulled a sterling silver daisy spacer off the bottom.

Crisis averted. Embarrassment ensues.

And foot is indeed broken. Ah well. I've got six weeks of sitting and beading ahead of me. I just hope I don't need that stray daisy spacer. I think it's still at the hospital.


  1. Oh Kate, I hope this doesn't slow you down too much!

  2. Now you have lots of time to think up new projects. I broke my toe when I stretched and kicked the wall while still in bed. That takes talent. Hope you get mobile soon.

  3. sorry about your foot, but I love the story!

  4. Too funny ~ the silver spacer bead, not the metatarsal! ;) I hope your toe heals quickly and in the meantime, you get a lot of beading done! :)

  5. you crazy lady-you have me laughin! How will you sit still? :) Take care, I'll be watching your antics while stayin off your foot.
    Roomie Candy

  6. Sorry about the break. But hysterical about the daisy spacer!

  7. oh no that sucks. Time for some rest and relaxation-yeah right! Love the daisy story, hope you didn't freak out the xray tech too much. Feel better soon! -yolie

  8. Oh no, I'm sorry you broke your foot. But I'll admit I had to laugh at your story.....

  9. What a bummer about your foot. You did get a great story out of it though. Laughter is the best medicine and all... :)

  10. Hope it feels better soon! Glad it was only a daisy spacer, thought you were going to say you stepped on a beading needle at the same time. A few of the sewing ladies I know have been to the ER for sewing needles in their feet.

  11. Kate,

    That was a funny story, you probably didn't feel the spacer because it hurt so bad. So life slows ya down. Much needed relaxation time. Enjoy beading. Why not try some wire wrapping, you can do it sitting down :)


  12. Kate, SO sorry about your foot. But the daisy story made me laugh out loud! I'm not always careful and often am barefoot while I'm doing metal work (not too smart I admit) and have sometimes picked up a bead or more unpleasantly, a sliver of metal from something I'd trimmed. Every time it happens I vow I'll keep my shoes on. But, what can I say, I'm originally a Southern gal and those shoes just seem to come off by themselves. ;)

    BTW, I've just recently discovered your blog and took your wonderful free Craftsy soldering course. I'm enjoying "visiting" with you.


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