Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Quickies...

Hey Gang! Just popping in to say hi and shout out a couple 'o cool things.

Cool thing #1:

My latest article for Jewelry Making Daily. Learn all about using the indispensable Dremel tool to make a quick and cute riveted pendant. If you don't get their newsletter, I recommend it. There is a LOT of great info that goes right into your email box about jewelry making and metal work. I am so proud to be a regular contributing blogger for them.

Pile up the blanks, texture and rivet together!
Cool thing #2: is having a sale on all of their sterling silver blanks. Have you checked the price of silver lately? It's starting to creep up so grab this opportunity. It's the perfect time to get some supplies and try out your Dremel tool.

See you later this week. I have a trip update and a giveaway (delayed to be sure, but worth the wait!)

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  1. My Dad gave me his dremmel. Thanks so much for this post!! :) You're great!


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