Friday, September 14, 2012

I Am Amazed!

Catching up on my blog reading this morning, I popped over to Sweet Freedom Designs, my BSBP-P (that's Bead Soup Blog Party partner) to see what she had been up to and OHMYGOSH... I mean I saw the reveal and all and marveled over the pretty pieces... but it has not ended there!

That crafty lady is a super prolific and talented beader as well as a great educator. Hop on over to her blog and read her five (FIVE) detailed posts on how she created all of her Bead Soup Blog Party. (This link goes to the fifth project with links to each of the others.)

I am so inspired.

Here is just a hint of the lovely things she posted...

Project photo from the Sweet Freedom Designs Blog.
Those wire wraps are so perfect, they make my heart sing. If you are looking for some beading inspiration this weekend, look no further. Thanks for sharing, Sweet Freedom, I love each and every one of your pieces.

P.S. My giveaway is still going on over the weekend... and THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for your kind responses to my super secret project. I'll be accepting commitments for bead donations though the weekend with beads to arrive by September 25th. 

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  1. Thanks, Kate! My long, long (former) career in procedure writing/technical editing left an indelible mark on me, I guess. I kind of look at everything I do as a step-by-step process, and I like to blog about it that way. Sometimes I think my brain is too logical for me to be an artist!


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