Friday, June 29, 2012

Lucky Me!

Last night I spent a very enjoyable evening teaching fusing at A Work of Heart in San Jose, CA. Let me tell you, San Jose has a GEM in that wonderful space. A total art studio with lots of lovely classes. Paper, sewing machines, jewelry... it's a crafter's paradise. They rent studio time by the hour or you can subscribe for the year for access to all of their great supplies. More about that, here.

Let me tell you, their students are AWESOME! Looky what we made...

Great work Ladies!

I also picked up a few goodies. That darn shop is so distracting...I just had to grab a few things.

I  can't wait to play with my new paper doll stamps!

I'll be back at A Work Of Heart on July 10th to teach Viking Knit. Check out the class here. Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Hey,

    There is a my freckly arm :) Thanks again that was the most fun class I have taken. I am so happy I am not afraid of my torch anymore.

  2. Hi! Great photos. Is this fine silver fusing? I've been meaning to give this a whirl (I'm a metal clay artist with a beading background) but I've tried a few times with my micro torch and some scrap fine silver wire that I had lying around and I couldn't get the wire to fuse - it seems like it should be really easy but I'm not sure what could be wrong (maybe my torch is too old - I use a kiln for everything now). Thanks!


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