Monday, June 18, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane!

Oh, gang...
So sorry for the radio silence but between waiting for the galley proofs for my book and prepping for class on Saturday (at Bead Inspirations) and Sunday (at Baubles and Beads)...(Still room in both, BTW. If you are free consider signing's gonna be FUN!) I have been so busy, I just can't take a breath (or type a post!)

Between this weekend and now however, I gotta pack more stuff in. I am winging my way to Cleveland to be a star, a big, big star! Yep. I am going to film 4 (FOUR) episodes of the terrific TV show Beads, Baubles and Jewels.

I am doing  three of projects from THE BOOK, and my delicious Rolled & Wrapped Bead. (This is also the class I am teaching at Bead Inspirations on Saturday.)

They are slated to air at the end of the year, so don't fret...I'll be blogging about it endlessly so you can catch the episodes. (Don't get BB&J in your area? No worries, you can watch current episodes ONLINE.)

Okay. Now off to pack. Where did I put my jeweler's saw?


  1. Kate -- best of luck! I can't wait to watch
    Abby (Xuron)

  2. Good luck! Glad to hear we can get episodes online. We used be able to get it at 2AM Sunday mornings on the local PBS, but they cancelled it over a year ago. :(


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