Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Had a Coupon

...So it really isn't my fault. I am powerless when confronted by a craft store coupon. Especially one that has a percentage off your total purchase.

I clutched the coupon in my hot little hand, trolled the aisles of my local craft store and stumbled across these...

QUILLING... No seriously, quilling! You know...rolling thin strips of paper into filigree-esque designs. The craft perfected by nuns and monks during the Renaissance to decorate book covers and religious items. Popular in the 18th century and practiced by "quality ladies of leisure" and thought not to be too taxing for their minds and gentle dispositions. The art brought to the Americas and adopted by our colonial Foremothers. QUILLING!

(Yep, I get excited by crafts of yore. I can't help it. You should see me tat. I can tat the hell out of some lace edging. Seriously.)

So coming soon to a blog near you, I will share my adventures in quilling and see if I can translate it into some kind of jewelry. Or I may throw everything over and go join a nunnery. What's good enough for Julie Andrews is good enough for me.

(Yes, I was a Theater Arts major in college and yes, we wore a lot of funny hats.)

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  1. Oh, I've always wanted to try this. Can't wait to see your experiments!


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