Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a Pin!

Thanks for the creative push on my October Challenge project. You all suggested the finished component should turn into a brooch or pin. So without further ado...


Here it is. I was kind of stumped about how to turn it into a pin, but I had a recent discussion with my friend Susan (Hi Susan!) on the merits of shawl pins. I like shawls and my aforementioned friend has gifted me with several. A few lightning fast neuron synapses later and this shawl pin was born.

I love the stitched leather component, but just wasn't sure how I was going to mount it to be sturdy enough to wear. As I was unpacking my tools and materials from my teaching gig last weekend I came across a couple of copper scraps that became my starting point.

The two triangles were originally a 1" square of copper with a heat patina surface. One hole was already in the square, so I popped another one in the opposite corner and cut it in half for two triangles. A quick file of the edges smoothed everything out.

My second scrap was a square of copper that just happened to fit the leather, with a bit of room around the edges. I punched holes top and bottom and sandwiched the leather between the copper triangles and sheet and riveted them in place.

A bit of free-form wire wrapping and the main piece was done.

I used 16-gauge wire for the pin. I hammered, shaped and filed it and added more free-form wrapping at the top.

Here is is all ready to go on my shawl.

It's the perfect day to wear this piece on my lovely shawl from Susan. A good way to brighten up a Monday morning.


  1. Kate,
    Your booch is fantastic!! I absolutely love it.
    Yesterday I wore my lovely teal shawl that Susan knitted for me. A shawl pin would be fabulous with it. Maybe Santa will bring me one (hint, hint) Susan knitted-in opalescent teal seedbeads in my shawl. (lots of perks having Kate as my wonderful daughter)

    Mom (the generation sandwiched in between Kate and Gran)

  2. Wow! It is amazing and it goes perfectly with that shawl. I'm so glad you and Guin are both enjoying your shawls.


  3. This pin is gorgeous! Reminds me of Dia del Muerte! The bead and wire work is Awesome ;-)

  4. I love it Katy! I'm lucky to have a brilliantly clever and creative Cousin!

    Keeping it all in the fam,
    Zoe (pie)


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