Thursday, March 14, 2013

Winging it!

On the road this morning to BeadFest Santa Fe! I have three full classes this weekend and am so excited to meet my new students. I'll fill you in on my adventures as they unfold. I sure am looking forward to seeing my dear bead friends. If you are attending, stop by my classroom and say hello!

Right now I am coming at you from my layover in Las Vegas. I am sitting in an airport bar and I will neither confirm or deny the close proximity of a Bloody Mary or chips and guacamole. Carpe Cuervo is lettered above the bar. Oh Vegas, even on a layover you don't disappoint.

I had two great things happen to me this morning. The first was due to my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner, Barbara Betchel. She is a super-talented lady (as evidenced by her Etsy shop...SO MUCH PRETTY over there!) and she blogs on her personal blog and over at Love My Art Jewelry. I sent her a copy of my book as part of her bead soup package. She was kind enough to read it over and post a nice review on the LMAJ blog today. Thanks so much Barbara. Your nice comments made my day.

The second happened just as I walked off the plane this morning. I was checking the departures board and a nice lady came up to me. I thought that she might have a question or comment about her flight. Nope. She just wanted to let me know that she has learned so much from my book and videos and she loves my classes. Thanks so much nice lady. Your kind words were appreciated!

See you soon in Santa Fe! Gotta catch my plane. I'm in the "A" boarding group. Exit row, here I come.

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