Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Challenge Necklace

I was lucky enough to grab one of the beaded bracelets for Michelle Mach's Spring Challenge. (You can read Michelle's original post here.)

The challenge was to take an existing piece and use the components and create a new piece with a "spring" theme.

This is the original bracelet:

I struggled with this challenge a bit. I like sparkly things and I loved the two components individually, but my soul rails against a symmetrically patterned, dot-dash kind of design. I immediately cut the bracelet apart, so I could work with the two beads as individual elements. Then I continued the process by paying a visit to my bead stash and pulling some beads I liked.

I couldn't decide whether to go with the off-white freshwater pearls, crystals and other shiny beads on the left of the picture or the more earthy tones on the right.

I went with the earth tones. In my mind, spring means gardening, and gardening means digging in the dirt under the blue sky. (Artistic license can justify just about anything.)

I squirreled away the rhinestone spacers to use in another project. "Spring" just did not include anything that shiny. Unless you are a magpie. In which case I could have used them, since I like birds. However, magpies don't wear necklaces. And regardless of how much I like little animals in accessories, I am digressing and veering way off point. Kind of like a magpie.

Here is the necklace.

I strung a 50" necklace. I call it "Long is the New Short". Here are some detail shots:

Since it is such a long strand I can wear it wrapped twice around my neck or six times around my wrist. (Like I am doing right now as I type this.) Wrist photo, here. Thanks Heather for the suggestion.

Thanks, Michelle for hosting this great challenge. This was a fun piece to string.

Be sure to visit the blogs of the other participants. It's a talented group and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

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  1. Kate,
    I love your design it is beautiful the subdued color scheme is gorgeous, I love the glass heart.

  2. Love your design and your artistic expression displayed in your color choice.

  3. This comment was from Heather from As I Bead It. I accidentally deleted it as I was publishing it using my phone. Luckily it was still in my email. Maybe I'll take a pic of the necklace on my arm and post it later today :).

    This is what she posted."The necklace turned out really well. I can see this would be the kind of necklace you'd wear a lot. Great finished product. I love how the look can be adapted, too. Would've like to have seen it on your arm. ;-)"

  4. Oh, I love this. With it being so long, you could add a brooch as a focal piece to hold it in the middle and let it stay long. SO versatile! Lovely job.

  5. Kate - I love the name "long is the new short." Very creative necklace! I like how it can be a bracelet as well. The pearls look very lovely.

  6. Beautiful combinations, composition and styling. Love it!

  7. Such a great necklace! I love the flexibility of being able to wear a long necklace several different ways. Your comment about dirt and spring was very funny. I find myself justifying my designs all the time with explanations just like that! Thanks for joining the challenge!

  8. This will look like a different piece every time you wear it! A whole new take on "This is so basic [NOT!] I can wear it with anything!"

  9. wow do you know what you are doing, or what??? this is FAB!!! great idea! lovely design! jean

  10. I love convertible pieces, and this one is lovely! The earthtones are perfect with the blue. I love the mix of beads and the pop of yellow.

  11. WOW! Anything that can do double duty (bracelet and necklace) is great in my books. Love that little flower next to the clasp.
    Thanks for your comment on my challenge post.

  12. Beautiful necklace! I love the length and the variety of beads (shapes, colors, sizes).

  13. He he. No worries. It's so easy to delete things on the phone! Only get the photo if you get time. Thanks. ;-)

  14. I really love your necklace. Beautiful colors.


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