Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jade Scott Pinwheel Challenge.

A few weeks ago I entered a contest to win one of Jade Scott's lovely pinwheels on Lorelei's Blog and lo and behold...I WON ONE!!!

Photo from Jade Scott. Look at all of the pretty colors!!!
The task at hand for seven lucky participants (and anyone else who wanted to purchase one and play along) was to create a piece of jewelry featuring the pinwheel that you received. I got a grass green one. (My FAVORITE color and the one that I was hoping to get.)

So I whipped up this little number.

A I can look at this pretty pinwheel all the time.
I am so happy with it. Here are some fancy snaps.

I made a simple soldered band ring and then soldered the stamped circle to it. I punched two holes in the circle and secured the pinwheel with 22-gauge sterling silver wire.

I stamped "Any Way the Wind Blows" around the front.

And "Wind" on the back of the band.

Thanks so much to Lorelei and Jade for sponsoring such a great challenge. Jump on over to all of the participants to see what other treasures were created with this lovely component. I can't wait to see what everyone else made.
and also .....


  1. WOOAHHH! This is brilliant and there was a moment when I thought about putting my pinwheel in a ring or wire it onto something else, much like this. But I took the easy road instead. This turned out so fantastic! I love the phrase you picked and the stamped band. Brilliant. You rocked it Kate. :)

  2. how creative! love the ring idea!

  3. Love this ring! I would wear that all the time. Can't wait for your soldering book!

  4. I love the idea of attaching it to a ring! How fun! And I love the words you stamped on both the top and the ring band! Clever!

  5. I Love it! I'm so glad you made a ring. I love the words stamped into the base. Brilliant!

  6. Amazing!! That's the most original thing I've seen today. And I love the quote, queen are my favourite band. I bet it feels really great to wear. Awesome!!

  7. That's an amazingly clever way to use the pin wheel. The words you stamped are a perfect sentiment.

  8. Very creative! Love it!

  9. That is so lovely! I love the wording you've stamped on the ring especially.

  10. Wow - I love this ring. The inscription is so fitting!

  11. So clever! I would have never thought of using the piece in that way. And the stamping is what makes it come together. Nicely done!
    Enjoy the day.


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