Friday, October 28, 2011

On the road again...

Last night I had to make a choice. It was one of those life choices that most women have to grapple with at one time or another. It was tough, but sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and make the hard decisions.

Look, I loved each of them. Each one was unique and filled a special place in my heart. They made me feel pretty and in my own way I needed each one.

But my suitcase was full.

Five pairs of shoes for a five-day trip just wasn't going to happen.

I am leaving next week to teach for "Weekend with the Wiremasters." Yes, I have kits and tools and jewelry to pack. I have to wrangle soldering set-ups in my car. I have to find that class sample that I decided to wear and then tuck away in a safe place so I could find it later.

But come ON. The real problem that I grapple with before I go out on a teaching gig is "What am I going to wear and how many shoe changes can I fit in my suitcase?"

Look, its a precarious balance between comfort and style. I gotta be mobile in class. I have pre class set up, the actual class itself and the immediate after party (usually held with chilled glasses and savory snacks) so this shoe choice needs to last all day. Comfort and cute don't always go hand-in-hand.

You'd think I could just find a nice neutral shoe. One that would go with everything. I could just slip it into a single shoe bag and tuck it in and go.  Nope. I like color. I love red shoes and blue shoes and shoes with flowers and shoes that have straps and shoes that tie.

So last night I lined 'em up and culled the heard. It was hard. I may have wept a silent tear, but I did it and I am proud. Three pairs are making the trip and one of those pairs are going on my feet, so I just need room for two.

(Okay, humor me. I know three pairs of shoes may STILL be a little excessive for a five-day trip, but let me have my moment.)

If you don't have plans for November 3-6 and want to have a super fun filled metals and wire weekend, Wiremasters is still accepting signups. Check out my classes here, and details about the whole event here.

Samples from my Crystal Frame Ring class.

The weather promises to be beautiful and they have a lovely pool. 

Whoops. Make that four pairs. I need flip-flops for the dash to the hot tub.

Now that the tough decisions are over, I can get to assembling kits and printing handouts. In my slippers.


  1. NO that is definitely not going overboard Kate! I would probably take 2 pairs for each day!! lol 1 Suitcase for the shoes & the other for the clothes. I've been looking for the perfect pair of red flats and do you think I can find them? NO!!

  2. I hope the Remix made the cut!


  3. I can completely relate to the this show-tale! :) I've got way more shoes than I need - and I love them all! I think 3 pairs is 'under-limit' for a 5 day trip,...I give up clothes to make room for shoes! (Actually, if the hubby is w/me on a trip, I 'borrow' room in his bag for my shoes if I can!!)

    Seriously,...if you go on my blog and click on
    ~Shel~ and scroll down,'ll see I mention my obsession!! :) Complete with photos!!


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