Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial

The '80's were my "runnin' around years."

Yep. That's me and my dear friend Brian in 1986. Yes, I was wearing royal blue pumps and stirrup tights. I subscribe to the adage "If you wore it the first time around, don't wear it the second time around." All of you can rest assured that those blue pumps will not be making an encore appearance any time soon.

But there is one recycled trend that I just love, LOVE. The stacked bracelet. Cramming as many slim bracelets on your arm as you can and never, ever, ever taking them off. And you know what? I wore them the first time and I am wearing 'em again. I like this updated version that much! Only this time I am making them. I was inspired by two great online tutorials here and here.  Read on to see my take on this fast and easy project.

I used:
About 20" of 1.5mm leather.
About 6" of 2mm ball chain.
About 36" of size F nylon bead thread.
A button for the closure. You'll see that later, as I did not select it until the end.
Check your stash of craft stuff. I used what I had.

Here is how to do it:

Make a loop for the button clasp.  Fold the leather in half so there is a loop at one end. Loop the thread so it has a long and short tail. Lay the thread on the leather with the loops pointing away from each other. (Normally, I would have checked the loop size against the button to make sure it fits. I chose the button at the end and got lucky that it fit.)

Use the long end of the thread to wrap the doubled leather and the second tail of the nylon thread. Wrap once tightly and then once to the right of that first wrap. That makes a crossover and helps keep the wraps tightly in place.

 Wrap down towards the loop of the nylon thread, about 8 times.

Pass the long end of the nylon thread through the loop.

Pull the short end of the nylon thread to tighten the loop.

The loop will pop underneath the wrapped segment. Pull on both threads to secure.

Cut short end of the thread away. Lay the 6" piece of ball chain along the doubled strand of leather. Use the remaining thread to wrap the ball chain in place.

Stop about 1/2" short of the finished length. (I stopped at about 6 3/4").

Wrap the end about 5 times and tie a half hitch knot (make a loop and pull the end through and repeat.) Seal the knot with clear nail polish. Wait a few hours to cut away the remaining thread to let the polish dry and seal the knot closed.

Slide the button on one strand of the leather. Tie the ends of the leather in an overhand knot. Trim excess leather leaving about 1/4" tails.

Here is my collection of bracelets so far. The blue is a longer one that wraps twice. I made the clasp from 14 and 12-gauge copper wire. The rhinestone one features a sugar skull button from Anne Choi and the mermaid button is by Cynthia Thornton of Green Girl Studios.

I'm off to make a few more... there is still room on my wrist!


  1. I love these bracelets, especially how you have changed each to give them different personalities. You have inspired me to make a batch for my arm.

  2. Those blue pumps were your pageant shoes.

  3. Love the bracelets! They are so fun to make and wear! Love the blue pumps,....mine were pink back then! ;)

  4. Love the stack!!! And I love the pumps -

  5. I came here for the bead soup, but I just laughed and laughed at your 80's's AWESOME!!! It doesn't get any more "pretty in pink" than stirrup pants and a boy with a hat like that!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa So glad to have found your blog and I can't wait to read more!

  6. Beautiful job on the bracelets... Do you still see Duckie?

  7. Does this work on the figure eight bracelets too?

    Love your blog and your photos :)

  8. I wore neon pink heels and had a sapphire blue satin dress for prom

  9. I love anything "Kate". I have DVDs, books & now this. Will work on this tonight! Thanks -

  10. Beautiful. I'll have to try making these.


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