Friday, September 23, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party 2011 Party Favor Tutorial

What a week! Such pretty necklaces, such nice comments. Thanks to all who have stopped by to see my necklace. In the limited amount of time I had this past week, the necklaces that I managed to see were just lovely. This has been a great party so far.

And on that note, I think every party should have a party favor. So I worked a little magic and wrote up a tutorial on how I made my necklace.

You can download the tutorial here. 

I take you step by step on how I went from this... this.

Read this post first (if you haven't already) on how I chose my beads for the necklace. Then download the PDF and see the process step-by-step.

Let me know if you make a piece of your own based on this design...I'd love to see it. You can post it on my Facebook Page or post a link in the comments. Hope you enjoy it.


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