Thursday, January 22, 2015

6 Torches. 3 Dresses. 2 Days. And Soldering Like a Lady.

Back at the beginning of December, I took a trip to the F&W headquarters in Ft. Collins, CO. The task at hand was filming 6 complete metalworking DVDs each one featuring a different portable torches.

Over two days. That's like 16-hours. Which leaves little room for error.

I like tight deadlines. Seriously. A cross-country jaunt involving fire, film, lots of tools, and intense prep worked for me. So I hopped on a plane and headed for the bright lights of the Interweave production studio in Colorado.

I am really excited about this project. I chose the torches specifically because they are easy to find, straightforward to use and work with small spaces. Some of them may be familiar and some may be completely new.

A few of my torches.
The projects took a little more planning. I wanted to create projects that were contemporary, interesting and adaptable. A place for viewers to have a jumping-off point. I don't want you to make cookie cutter projects...I want you to take the ideas and run! (Thank you Emily Miller and Kriss Silva... project assistants, extraordinaire! Without the two of you, these projects just would have been jumbled pieces of wire. Bathed in my tears.)

Six projects. One for each torch.
On the first day we jumped right in! I had a camera on me all day. It was a mix of behind-the-scene footage and on-camera instruction. And lots of bright lights. And red lipstick (MAC Ruby Woo.) And coffee.

Behind my bench.

I did a lot of off-the-cuff quips and the footage was used to create a couple of promo videos. Here is one where I discuss my biggest on-camera screw up...

Now you can join me and learn to "Solder Like a Lady." (Read as "like a kick-ass lady, in red lipstick and pretty dress, with a torch.") Thanks to my dear friend Mary Cravens, I was well dressed and my three frocks were comfy and camera-ready. Custom apron on and ready to fire things up. Go stylish or go home. It's a great motto for just about everything.

The Interweave/F&W gang were terrific! They made everything go super smoothly and the resulting videos are gonna be great. Here is one more promo...

They are set to release in late Feb/early March. Stay tuned to the blog for more info when they are available along with a special tie-in project coming up soon in Step-By-Step Wire magazine. 

I also just hosted a webinar about small-space jewelry soldering. Find it here. I discuss a few of the torches that I used in the DVDs and cover everything you need to solder in your home studio. It's a great companion piece. A few more webinars are coming up soon that will tie in as well. I'll keep you updated about those, too. Thanks for watching!


  1. Yeah, if I were followed around with a camera while I was metalworking/soldering, there would definitely be some inappropriate vocabulary recorded for posterity!

  2. Kate, You're absolutely the BOMB!! Love your stunning artistry; uber talented teaching methods make all such FUN, easily understood - Soldering pro cuz of you! Renaissance Lady, thank you 'n best wishes always!!


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