Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Classes at Bead & Button and My Studio

New! Exciting! Classes!

So as you may know I have been obsessing over rotary tools and how to maximize them for small-space jewelry making. (And if you didn't, now you know.)

So after many months of hammering (well, drilling) away I have a fantastic new class to share, Rotary Tool Basics: Drilling and Riveting Mixed Media. You are going to learn how to add a hole in stones, found objects and metal. Then you'll learn the fine art of cold connection using a variety of riveting techniques.

Cool, right? You have two ways to join me in class. First up in March at my studio in South San Francisco, CA. You can find that info at this link. Or you can travel to Milwaukee in June for the Bead&Button Show. It was just added to my class lineup. Check all my B&B classes here.

I also have a SECOND new class at my studio in April. Metal Movement: Explorations in Texture, Shape and Form. It's all about using the rolling mill, hydraulic press, hammers and flame to make a bunch of patterned and textured sheet, wire and components to use in your jewelry. Also, if you've been thinking about purchasing a piece of heavy-duty equipment like a rolling mill or hydraulic press, I'll help you figure out what you'll need and you can place the order right in class.  All the info at this link. 

I am super excited about both classes. I'd love to see you in Milwaukee or at the studio. Meanwhile, don't forget to #solderlikealady! (More info on my new DVDs coming soon.)