Friday, August 30, 2013

Reflections From 39,000 Feet

Hello August. Hello friends. Hello person in the airline seat in front of me who is constantly adjusting and squirming around. Would a early morning Bloody Mary calm you down? 'Cause if the answer is "yes," let me whip out my credit card so you can have one on me. REALLY. Okay. I feel better now.
Drink your veggies!

Now onto my post.

Most of you know that I travel a LOT. A WHOLE lot. So a typical travel day for me is just another day of work.

Let me tell you. I have got this travel thing in the bag. Seriously. I rarely have travel-induced anxiety as I have all of my must-haves and travel helpers all set. So I thought I'd share some of my wisdom, plus it gives me something to do on this LONG flight! Here goes.

Kate's Top Travel Tips and Tricks(in no particular order):

1. My TripIt app for iPhone and computer. It keeps all of my travel plans in one place. I set it up so all of my conformations load right from my email into the planner and onto my Google calendar. Also tells me how many miles I have traveled this year. So far this year 11 cities and 40,000 miles. I couldn't be on time without it.

2. My Clear card. I hate standing in airport security lines. Gahhhh! So when Clear came to SFO I jumped on it. Clear speeds you right though a special security lane with a pre-screened, fancy biometric card. It's only in a handful of airports right now, but I am so glad it's at my home airport, SFO. About 5 minutes in a security line is AWESOME! I love you, Clear.

3. My Zuca luggage. Light, compact and super efficient. Carry-on friendly and I can pack for a week in there in the included packing cubes. Plus it doubles as a desk or chair. I get stopped in the airport all the time by people who want to know what kind of luggage I have.

My Zuca in action.
 4. Merit Taxi Service. I usually travel for extended periods of time so airport transportation is really important as I don't want to leave my car in long term parking during my trip. Randomly calling a taxi can be a crap shoot (with a crazy driver) and the Super Shuttle takes hours and a million stops to get me to the airport. Enter Merit Taxi. Super friendly, nice Lincoln Town Cars, and the drivers are courteous and always on time. I call them every time I need a drop off or pick up at SFO. Merit, you guys rock!
See SF in the distance??
5. iTunes. I like to listen to music on a flight and of course iTunes for my iPhone comes in super handy. I am on a real Joe Jackson kick at the moment. I guess 'cause his songs are kinda like stories. His album Night and Day II is in heavy rotation.

6. And last, but not least... patience and a smile. Both things get you far in life. Especially with a squirming seatmate, or the airline ticket counter agent. Ask me how I know! Safe travels, all!