Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Heart Solder Cutting Pliers!

Did you happen to catch my article for Jewelry Making Daily on soldering brass, copper and nickel and about how copper wire solder ROCKS?!

Well, let me remind you. Not only is the wire solder awesome, the tool that I use to cut it with is also one of my faves. No more wrangling tiny cut-up pieces of solder. No more chasing down solder that flies every-which-way after it's cut.

Tah dah!
Cutting sheet.

Cutting wire.

Meet the solder cutting pliers

I love this tool so much that I have added it to my Etsy shop (that's the link). Did you know my Etsy shop stocks my favorite metalsmithing tools and supplies? Well now you do. And if you have stuck with me through the end of this post you can use this code ETSYJULY2012 to save 10% on everything in my shop through July 31. Yep. That also includes THE BOOK.

My favorite things are trickling in so keep your eye on my shop. I have some cool stuff coming.

Thanks for your support!

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