Friday, May 18, 2012

My new tool belt.

So sometimes in class or demo-ing or even just working at my bench I feel like I need a better way to keep a handle on my tools that are in constant use. I wanted a tool belt, but not one that made me look like I was going to a construction site.

One day while trolling the aisles at my local Harbor Freight store, I found this cool leather pouch and thought it would be the perfect thing for my tools. It was just the pouch, though. I needed to add a belt.

No problem! To make the belt for the pouch, I went to my local Tandy Leather and found a 1 1/4" belt blank and dyed it to to match the pouch. (They also sell leather dye and it was easy to paint right on to the unfinished leather.) My sweetheart added the buckle for me since he is handy that way. I bought a few establishments (also from Tandy) and got to work putting my personal style on the whole thing.

Here is the pouch and belt, pre-embellish.

The conchos and harware I bought at Tandy.

I turned one of the conchos into a belt tip. I added a Vintaj brass blank behind it to make a nice, hefty tip for the end of the belt. Kinda has a steampunk vibe which is okay by me. I'd love to pilot an airship.

To add the hanging hardware (for my safety glasses and keys and such) I riveted strips of leather to the belt.

I used a drill to make the holes...

and then I riveted everything together. And I added a key to the pouch for added flair.

See the key on the pocket? And ta dah, here is the finished belt and pouch...

...and here I am striking a pose in my new toolbelt. I love it. Now bring on the tools!

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