Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Book Adventure Part 1

So my friend Mary and I arrived in Denver and were whisked away to the Interweave Studios in Loveland CO. Since the DVD shoot is first thing Tuesday morning, our job on Monday was to prep the set, materials and run through the camera placement.

As you can imagine it was very exciting. Here is what happened:

Here is Mary, dressing the set. She is very clever and has an eye for that sort of thing.

Here I am in my natural habitat, prepping in front of the camera. Yep. That's my book cover on the right.

That's Garret. He runs the video department. He is awesome. He runs three separate cameras for the shoot and he knows how to put the ladies at ease.

He put Clooney in my sight line. I always knew that George wanted to learn how to make soldered jewelry.

Here is Mary in the prop room grabbing stuff to dress the set. There are some awesome things in there.

Including a Matchless spinning wheel tucked into a corner. I might throw a bit of spinning into the video. Yarn and metal go together, right?

Here I am with my awesome editor Erica (left) and awesome Rebecca the Managing Editor at Interweave.  They are making everything so easy!

And last but not least, meet Oreo. He is the hotel cat. Really friendly and NOT supposed to be in the guest rooms.
We broke the rules and let him in. Just for a little while.

Next up, the actual shoot. Stay tuned. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Congrats!!! I cant wait for your book to come out! i have always enjoyed your tutorials on beaducation!

  2. This looks like it will be a few days of hard and heartfelt work. Great team!

  3. Wow, Kate! I know you are having a blast!! Dianne

  4. George is saying, "hey girl... I told you we could make it at home!" :D


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